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Culligan of Modesto is a full service water treatment company, offering water improvement products for home and business since 1945.  As the water experts, we provide solutions to all water problems by supplying our customers with resolutions from our water consultants through the installation of each system.  We offer whole house water filtration and water softening solutions along with reverse osmosis drinking water systems.  Culligan of Modesto is committed to providing each customer a quality product, a fair price, maximizing value, and guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. Give Culligan a call to find out how we may help you.

Modesto Salt Free Water Softeners

Whether it’s local legislation regarding brine discharge or your desire to soften water with a salt-free water treatment alternative, Culligan offers a variety of options for every buyer and every budget. Remember, your local Culligan expert serving Modesto offers a complete line of proven technologies for every application while other companies are quick to offer unproven solutions like descaler-gadgets or “magic beads”.

A Culligan water softener can transform your home's water from the shower to your laundry room and reduce the problems associated with hard water.

Free Water Testing Modesto

Don't wonder what's in your water - your Modesto Culligan Man® can tell you! The Culligan Man offers a free in home water analysis just by filling out the form above or by calling us at (209) 208-5940.

Testing of your water by a licensed local water expert is the key to determining if you have a water problem, how to solve your problem and what equipment and service you need to protect your family and home.


My home's water was cloudy and had a bad taste. I took Culligan up on their free water analysis offer. The test showed my home's water was suffering from nitrates and arsenic. Lucky for me, they recommended a whole house water filtration system that was very affordable and would remove the harmful chemicals. My friends and family will tell you that I was so pleased that I recommended Culligan to everyone and that they're now customers because of my positive experience.

Modesto, CA

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